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The over twenty – year experience of Nasi in the construction of straw cutters and spreaders for litter and feeding, the use of advanced technologies in the design stage, the greatest care and attention during the manufacturing of each single machine grant you:
Efficiency: the Nasi straw cutters and spreaders for litter and feeding allow you to cut cylindrical and prismatic bales of all commercial measures and to achieve a straw covering field from 0 to 18 meters, with the possibility, furthermore, to feed the mixer wagon with chopped product. And they request a minimum power of 50 HP for their functioning!
Functionality: thanks to the particular shape of the rotor, to the disposition and quantity of knives, the product which is cut by our straw cutters and spreaders, is frayed, so that it increases considerably its absorption capacity, with a consequent saving of material for the firm.
Safety and reliability: the greatest safety and reliability are granted by the great quality and ruggedness of all used components.


Technical data

Height with revolving turretmm2800
Power required HP50

Optionals available on request

Remote cable controls;
Electrical controls;
Rotating turret;
Ducted rotating turret;
Lane Ride Pipe Kit;
Three-point hitch kit;
Dedusting plant

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